Great North Art Show

Max has been selected to exhibit his work at the Great North Art Show

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31st August to 22nd September, 2019 at Ripon Cathedral

Artist and illustrator, Max Wootton, paints in oils and acrylic; draws in pen and ink, often with the addition of colour; and creates ballpoint art.

Most recently, Max has added digital technology to paints, brushes and pens to create a collection of luminous, Abstract Art canvases, using a unique, complex method that he has developed. He may start from a sketch or drawing, or he may work directly within the digital medium from an inspiration or vision.

From an original creative starting point Max then builds a complexity of 100’s of digital layers that may be merged or split at different stages. He experiments with the unique features that digital technology enables, such as transparency of colours and layers that can be used to produce an incandescent quality.

As David Hockney famously said, digital technology is a medium, replacing or supplementing a former technology of paints, crayons, inks.  Only a genuine artist can create authentic art this way.

Visit the Gallery of original abstract art works.

All Max's works are available as limited edition block mounted canvas prints.

Some are available as high quality poster size prints on gsm photographic paper.

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13th April - 22nd May, 2019

Eight pieces of Max Wootton's Abstract Art on show.


31st August to 22nd September, 2019

Great North Art Show - Ripon Cathedral

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